Car Rental Riga

For people who enjoy driving cars but not the stress of owning them.

Luxury Vehicles for Rent in Riga

If you like to take matters into own hands, this is the service category for you. AX Group offers the most flexible and accommodating car rental Riga city. We have a full catalog of vehicles from which you can choose, including multiple sizes, trims, and origins. Our contract is pretty standard and our rates are among the best in the local market. Let’s take a look at what we can offer to your group!

In this service category, you can get started by informing us what days to use the vehicle, where to pick it up, where to drop it off and, if you want, which of our vehicles you would like to drive. Our representatives will reply shortly with our availability and a service estimate. Once you agree with everything, it will be a matter of completing your purchase and waiting for the day to get the keys!

Enjoy car ownership just as much as you actually want

There are times when having a car at your disposal just makes things better. However, not all of us wants to own one all the time, especially with all the costs that come with it. Thanks to AX Group, now you can rent a car in Riga for the exact duration you want.

What can you get with our auto rent Riga?

In short, a wide variety of vehicles. We know that our clients request our cars for different reasons, from city tours to business meetings, so we make sure offer options to suit all of them. The catalog below shows several of them, but you can also access our full page. And, as usual, you can always contact us in case you need to ask questions that go beyond the content we display on our website.

Why should you choose AX Group?

Our company has accumulated a vast experience in the industry of ground transportation. We have worked with clients of all types: business, tourism, families, friends, you name it. As a result, we are the national reference when it comes to luxury car rental Riga. You can request everything in details or ask us for recommendations based on what you need: you will be entirely satisfied either way.

What car will you choose today?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a RIX car rental?

Absolutely. When you book your ride with us, all you have to do is inform that this is your intention. We can arrange to have the vehicle parked for you at your hotel and picked up at the RIX airport, in case you are going to leave the city, or the other way around if you are planning to arrive in Riga.

Is there a car hire Riga for large groups?

Of course! We take pride on offering options for everyone. We have urban cars for small groups, limousines for people seeking an extra dose of luxury, and full-size business vans in case you want to travel with a large group. We can even rent you a motorcycle in case you want a fun weekend!

Do you offer a car hire Riga airport?

Yes, we do. We can have the car available for you at the airport, in case you are arriving in Riga, or pick it up there, if you are going to leave the city. Either way, your rental contract grants you a full tank of fuel from the beginning and, under normal circumstances, no extra fees on the delivery day.

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