Chauffeur Service in Riga

Leave the driving to us and we will leave the peace of mind to you.

Riga Premium Chauffeur Services

This is the most popular service category we offer and there are reasons for that. Some of them are the impeccable vehicles we use, the experienced chauffeurs that work with us, and the overall high quality of our service. But the most important reason is definitely another one: our commitment to cater to all your wishes and preferences when it comes to executive transportation Riga, Latvia.

In this service category, there will be a chauffeur ready to pick up you and your travel partners at the location you specified beforehand. They will drive you in an agile, yet safe and comfortable way up to the destination of your choice. If you have baggage with you, they will help you load it to the car’s trunk at first, then unload it to the doorstep of the destination. As simple and efficient as that.

Why does AX Group offer the best limousine rides in Riga?

We have years of experience in this field, so we know what our customers want. Our team works tirelessly to identify and address all possible problems, so all you have to do is sit back and relax. Your transportation will be handled by the best.

What cars does our Riga chauffeur service offer?

If you think that VIP service can only be offered in those long, boxy limousines, we are delighted to prove you wrong. AX Group offers a vast selection of vehicles, as you can see below. There are cars of all sizes, nationalities, and styles so you can find the best fit for the number of passengers in your group and for your budget. The main point they have in common is the top overall condition, which we preserve thanks to a tight maintenance schedule. Feel free to browse the quick glance below or our complete car catalog.

Why choose our chauffeur service company?

Our chauffeur service Riga can only exist thanks to our team of professional chauffeurs who are familiar with the local streets. We select nothing but the best ones to work with AX Group because not only can they drive you quickly to wherever you need to go in the city, but also they know the best places to recommend in case you need. This way, you can attend your business events during the day and enjoy the spare hours at a vibrant bar, an elegant restaurant, a beautiful park, a large museum, or all those options. We go the extra mile to provide you with a pleasant stay in Riga!

Available fleet

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact my chauffeur?

As soon as you book your ride, we are going to send you an email message with the confirmation of your purchase. It also contains the chauffeur’s information and phone number in case you need to contact them. However, they will be waiting for you at the date, time, and location you specified.

Is the chauffeur going to wait for me?

AX Group works with a tolerance period of one hour. That means the chauffeur is going to wait for your group for an hour at no extra cost. We can discuss the possibility of longer wait periods, but our best recommendation is to plan the meeting time carefully with us when you book your ride.

How long will the chauffeur be with my group?

We can estimate that based on which services you will need from us – some groups only want to go from A to B while others want a round trip. If you decide to change your itinerary on the day of the ride, make sure to contact us. We will do our very best to try and accommodate your new requests.

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